Mathematical Doodle Year // Introduction! [01]

Last updated on 1. März 2023

You may be aware of Noethember – a doodle project by @Coni777 on Twitter that focused on the life of the German mathematician Emmy Noether. Each day we had one prompt that pointed out a fact about her and her work. I took part in it with a few paintings and after it endet, me and other participants felt that „emptiness“ – we miss Emmy, we miss the prompts, we miss the challenge! So the „Mathematical Doodle Year“ or short „Math Year“ was born! Coni and I sat virtually together and created a new challenge, a bigger challenge, one that will last a whole year!

The #mathyear logo

Each month we will have a different theme that covers all the weekly prompts. Also it’s going to be interdisciplinary – math is everywhere! And now we can explore the variety of mathematics together with this doodle challenge.

How to join:

  1. Share your drawings on social media
  2. Use the hashtag #mathyear
  3. Have fun!

The topics for each month will be released on a monthly basis. Feel free to join any time you like or take a break if you need one!

We’re looking forward to see your submissions to #mathyear!

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