Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2014 – A review in pictures [EN]

Last updated on 9. Januar 2017

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This years Heidelberg Laureate Forum is near and I didn’t manage to write about my experiences from last years forum. As a small taste for HLF15 I want to share the drawings I made last year. I don’t want to talk a lot about last year, but it was a great time there. I met a lot of inspiring poeple and had really nice conversations and a great time following the lectures. So I’m really looking forwart this this HLF. Different than last time I won’t be part of the official HLF blogging team but I will be painting officially again! Maybe I’m going to write a guest post on the HLF blog. But enough words for now. Enjoy the gallery!

My Paintings

Some of these paintings are part of a calendar which is handed to the participants of this years HLF. The usage rights of these images are owned by the HLFF. I have the right to publish these on my blog.

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