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Last updated on 11. November 2014

I was tagged by  Miss Booleana and I decided to participate spontaneously.

Note: Dear native speakers, if I did any mistakes, feel free to give me a hint, so I could correct them. This post is also available in German, because there are two tagged peolpe who speak German.

The rules:

  1. Link the tagger
  2. Answer the 10 questions of the tagger
  3. Ask 10 new questions
  4. Tag 10 bloggers that have not more than 200 followers

The questions (and answers):

1. Which place in the world do you really like to visit?

There is more than one place. I’d like to visit cities like Rome or Vienna but I also really want to visit Iceland or Japan someday! Not only because of the culture but also the landscapes and the motives for my sketchbook.

2. What does really drive you crazy?


3. Are you an Apple-Fan, Windows-Disciple or Unix-Worshiper?


4. Did you ever read a manga or saw an anime?

I did both. The first manga I’ve read was in one of those BANZAI!-Magazines. And I also don’t remember which anime I watched first. But my childhood was full of Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Dragonball. Today I’m still reading mangas and watch animes.

5. What is your Nr. 1 – Beauty-Addiction? (Alternative Food)

Because there is the alternative, I choose food over the beauty topic here. My strongest addiction? Fruits! There’s nothing better than fresh self picked strawberrys or cherrys in summer!

6. Whithout which things do you never leave home?

sketchbook, pens, mobile

7. What is your favourite film?

There are some films I really loved watching, but I have no completely favourite. In the last time there were some films, I liked very much:

The last Harry Potter movie, even if I don’t like the end, which I also didn’t liked in the book.

„The Fountain“ by Darren Aronofsky. It’s a beautiful film you have to watch!

„Cashback“ by Sean Ellis. Watch the trailer!

8. Which foreign languages do you speak?

English. I use it every day and most of the literature for computer science is written in this language.
French. I know just a few things from school but I’m actually trying to improve my skills!

9. Which national cuisine do you like most?

The italian cuisine. pizza, pasta, ice, coffee… 🙂

10. Why are you blogging?

There is more than one reason. I started blogging for recording my progress in school, studying and sketching. I also wanted to share things with family and friends. Meanwhile it is a hobby of mine. (I got multiple blogs which I want to merge soon.)

My 10 Questions:

  1. How would you describe yourself with 3 words?
  2. Do you do handiworks in you freetime?
  3. Which book are you reading at the moment?
  4. Do you have a favourite animal?
  5. How much time do you spend on blogging?
  6. How many other blogs do you read?
  7. Spring, Summer, Autumn oder Winter?
  8. Are you playing a musical instrument?
  9. Are you going to go on vacation this year, if yes where will you go?
  10. Have you ever created a travel log?

I’m tagging:

Claudi (German)
Max (German)

Marlene Knoche Verfasst von:

Informatikerin mit Hang zur Kunst. - Theaterbegeistert, mag Katzen und Kaffee.

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