Prize-giving ceremony and auction of the „Geschichte und Geschehen“ competition [EN]

Last updated on 8. Dezember 2014

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The final date for the prize-giving ceremony and the auction of the „Geschichte und Geschehen“ competition is fixed! On December, 15 2014 at 5:45 pm the event will take place at the stage at the Untermarkt during the Christkindlesmarket in Görlitz. The auction will directly follow up to the prize-giving ceremony. You can take a look at all entrys of the competition at the FVKS tent next to the curling track.

My entry to this competition was this one.

If anyone is at Görlitz this day and plans to visit the Christkindlesmarket, please contact me and visit the Untermarkt. It could be your last chance to see my drawing before it will be sold. 😉

Marlene Knoche Verfasst von:

Informatikerin mit Hang zur Kunst. - Theaterbegeistert, mag Katzen und Kaffee.

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