[Urban Sketch] @ Concert ‚Sounds of Liedermaching‘ [EN]

Last updated on 21. November 2014


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Last friday I went to the concert ‚Sounds of Liedermaching‘ at the Kronenkino in Zittau and it was a fantastic evening. Of course I took my pen and paper with me and drew there. On this evening three musicians played some music, which I portrayed all out of the audience. Drawing during a concert is a lot of fun and in this small and comfortable atmosphere like the on at the Kronenkino, I had the opportunity to show the musicians my drawings and to get some autographs.

At first Anne Freiberg got on the stage and played some wonderful music, which you can listen to on Soundcloud! I want to thank Anne for her nice concert and her autograph on my drawing.


After that SOAK went on stage. Alone and just with her guitar she was standing and singing there and made a really nice concert. You can find her music also on Soundcloud. After Anne sent SOAK to me, I had a really nice conversation with her and and I also got an autograph! Thank you, too!


Last but not least, Tim McMillan played his concert. I go to his concerts for some years now. One of his songs is also available on Soundcloud. The funny conversation and the best compliment you can get from an Australian (‚Cooles Bild Alter!‘) was a great end of a wonderfull evening. Thank you, Tim!


Whenever you have the opportunity to get to a concert of any of these musicians, use it!

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